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In today’s session we’re looking at the potential advantages in learning left foot braking.

How much help is left foot braking? Clearly it’s not going to help in corners that require a downshift, but how much time can it save?

From Eric in Kent.

What are the pros and cons of left foot braking? Our resident racing driver and coach, Scott Mansell, take a look at whether we should take the time to learn to left foot brake.

You can find Driver 61’s in-depth tutorial on left foot braking here: https://driver61.com/uni/left-foot-braking/

Using this technique can often be faster than right foot braking, however only if you have a good sensitivity in your left foot.

The other thing to consider is if you can left foot brake in all corners – obviously in an ‘H’ pattern or sequential gearbox cars, where you need to downshift, this is unlikely and only possible in corners that don’t require a downshift.

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