Walero are the new favourites for fireproof underwear in Motorsports.

Approved to all FIA and SFI regulations for Motorsport.

Offering a cutting edge range of temperature regulating, fireproof gear for athletes in racing, UK based Walero are continuing to be very popular among Professional drivers across the globe.

Flame retardant and antimicrobial temperature regulating underwear for Race and Rally drivers – take a look at their 2018 range:

Driver61 recommends: the The Walero Flame Retardant Top. The most technologically advanced, thermo-regulating fireproof racing underwear available.

  • Walero Fireproof Top

    Walero Keep Your Cool Flame Retardant Top

    £109.18 ex VAT
  • Walero Fireproof Leggings

    Walero Keep Your Cool Flame Retardant Bottoms / Leggings

    £100.70 ex VAT
  • Walero Fireproof Balaclava

    Walero Keep Your Cool Flame Retardant Head Sock / Balaclava

    £42.40 ex VAT