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A professionally prepared and fast racing car is always set up for the maximum available performance of the tyres for the circuit conditions.

Take a look at our carefully selected range of Chassis Setup Equipment, read our quick setup guide and download our free corner weight setup sheet to use in your pit box or garage.

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Corner weights, wheel alignment, cambers and tyre temperatures all make for important variables when you’re optimising the performance of your racing car. Download our free Chassis Set Up sheet below and read our quick setup guide to get up to speed…

chassis set up sheet download

Free downloadable PDF Chassis Setup Sheet

Take important extra notes on your caster, camber, damper settings, spring rates and more with Driver61’s free downloadable Chassis Setup Sheet. Click the link or the image to download.


Corner weighting and scaling is very important when trying to make your car and driver as fast as possible.

Proper set up requires the car’s corners weights are correctly set and the process is repeatable in the workshop and at the circuit.

This quick guide will take you through the process of corner weighting your car.

1. Prepare the car

The car must be race ready before you set its corner weights. This means that fluid levels, including fuel, should be as they would be in the race.

The car’s geometry should also be properly set. Ensure ride heights, camber, caster and toes, are all checked.

Also be sure to check the tyre pressures as this can has obvious effects on corner weights.

2. Prepare the scales

Find a level area to set up your corner weight scales to the track and wheel base of your car. Use a straight edge and spirit level to ensure all four scales are level. If your floor is not level, you can use scale pads. Mark the location of each scale pad on the floor.

3. Set the scales and car

Roll your car into position with the corner weight scales next to each wheel. Connect the scales to the control unit and zero.

Jack one side/end of the car up and slide the scales directly under each tyre – ensure the tyre sits in the middle of the scale. Repeat on the other side.

Disconnect the roll bars and give the front and rear a strong push to compress the suspension and settle. You’ll need to do this each time you make an adjustment to give consistent results.

4. Record the results

Now record your results using our corner weight scales set up sheet. If the corner weights are not correct, adjust, settle and record each weight until you have the desired weight distribution.

Finally, remember to reattach the anti-roll bars.

Driver 61 carries a high-quality range of carefully selected chassis set up equipment for the workshop and pit lane. Take a look at our product categories below or get in touch on instant chat if you have a setup question