Corner Weight Scales

Whether you’re a fully professional racing team or a club racer, your vehicle chassis setup will always be improved by getting the corner weighting and balance of the car as correct as possible.

Using a set of corner weight scales to set your vehicle’s weight distribution correctly can make several seconds per lap difference in lap times. It can also lead to much longer lasting tyres and a car with more overall grip.

Driver61 Recommends: Clubman Race Scales from B-G Racing. The user-friendly control pad displays the vehicle’s corner weights, cross weights and percentages and will calculate the vehicle’s centre of gravity (COG).

corner weight scales

The right setup can be worth a second or more a lap, so take a look at our range of digital, wireless scales and accessories for sale below.

chassis set up sheet download

Free downloadable PDF Chassis Setup Sheet

Take important extra notes on your corner weight settings and more with Driver61’s free downloadable Chassis Setup Sheet. Click the link or the image to download.

Manufacturer: B G Racing | Longacre

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