Race Data Logging

Get important racing performance data and maximise your track time with Driver 61’s range of racing data logging systems.

From brake pressure and wheel speed to engine speed and track position, properly configured racing data logging leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of those last few tenths.

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Video VBOX HD2

We carry AIM and Racelogic’s complete VBOX range from full HD systems to single GPS lap timers for Motorsports and track day applications.

There are many motorsport data logging systems available on the market, from GPS-only units to HD video systems that can log hundreds of channels. This introductory tutorial is the first in a mini-series that will detail how to make the most out of data as drivers.

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lap timing chart download

Free downloadable PDF Lap Timing Chart

Take important extra notes on circuit conditions, fuel levels, tyre pressures and more with Driver61’s free downloadable Lap Timing Sheet. Click the link or the image to download!

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