AIM HD Camera Systems

Whether you’re competing in a professional racing series or just kitting your car out for a track day, AIM gear is flexible and powerful while sticking to a sensible budget.

HD video is possible with onscreen data including GPS circuit location, engine speed, wheel speed and your team logo. The Smartycam systems offer 64° and 84° wide angle options.

Driver61 recommends: AIM SmartyCam GP. This 84° wide angle HD camera offers track map overlay, GPS car position, GPS speed and lap times. Connected to an AIM dashboard or data logger you can add RPM, throttle and more.

Scott Mansell, SR8 Lap Record at Silverstone GP using AIM SmartyCam GP 84° and AIM MXS dashboard.

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  • AIM EVO 4S Data Logger

    £850.00 ex VAT
  • AIM SmartyCam GP HD 67¡ Bullet Camera

    AIM SmartyCam GP HD Bullet Camera System

    £800.00 ex VAT
  • AIM SmartyCam HD Onboard Video Camera

    £700.00 ex VAT
  • AIM SmartyCam GP 60¡ Wide Bullet Camera Only

    AIM SmartyCam GP 67° Wide Bullet (Replacement Camera Only)

    £260.00 ex VAT
  • AIM SmartyCam GP 84¡ Wide Bullet Camera Only

    Aim SmartyCam GP HD 84° Wide Bullet (Camera Replacement Only)

    £260.00 ex VAT