Record your driver’s lap times with our selection of handheld Motorsport stopwatches from AIM, Longacre and OMP.

Driver61 recommends: the AIM MultiChron Stopwatch. AIM’s “MultiChron” Stop Watch can time up to 4 drivers at any one time.

This high quality stop watch has a large memory allowing you to record 99 laps per driver.

AIM Stopwatch

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  • AIM MuiltiChron Stopwatch

    AIM MuiltiChron Stopwatch

    £92.00 ex VAT
  • Robic Stopwatch SC 606

    Robic Stopwatch SC 606

    £34.30 ex VAT
  • Longacre Stopwatch Clipboard

    Longacre Stopwatch Clipboard

    £31.50 ex VAT
  • Professional Stopwatch

    Professional Stopwatch

    £29.05 ex VAT
  • Robic stopwatch SC 505

    Robic stopwatch SC 505

    £27.30 ex VAT
  • Longacre Stopwatch

    Longacre Stopwatch

    £27.30 ex VAT
  • OMP Stopwatch

    OMP Stopwatch

    £16.24 ex VAT
  • B-G Racing - Lap Timing Sheets (Pad of 50)

    B-G Racing – Lap Timing Sheets (Pad of 50)

    £8.99 ex VAT