Fireproof Nomex Underwear

Check out our carefully selected range of Nomex fireproof underwear (tops, balaclavas, socks and bottoms) designed for Motorsport from Walero, MOMO, OMP, Sparco and Alpinestars.

Nomex is a light, breathable and fireproof material mandatory in all FIA Motorsports approved race suits, gloves and underwear. It’s especially vital in your top, bottoms / long johns and balaclavas.

Really good racing underwear is exceptionally breathable, helping the driver to keep as ventilated and cool as possible. Walero’s range of breathable gear and Sparco’s X-Cool range are especially effective in hot conditions.

Driver61 recommends: Sparco’s Shield RW-9 long sleeve top. We use a lot of Sparco Fireproof Underwear at Driver61 – Sparco’s range is excellent for cooling and well priced.

Sparco Nomex Fireproof Underwear

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  • Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Black

    Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Black

    £53.90 ex VAT
  • Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Red

    Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Red

    £46.90 ex VAT
  • Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Blue

    Sparco Nomex Knee Pads in Blue

    £46.90 ex VAT
  • Sparco Basic Knee Pads

    Sparco Basic Knee Pads

    £20.30 ex VAT