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Size Guide: A perfectly fitted race helmet should be a nice, comfortable and snug fit. Measuring your head correctly is very important, but something you can do easily yourself. Use a fabric measuring tape to measure your head around the forehead, just above the eyebrows ensuring the tape is level.

Read our Helmet Buyer’s Guide for help with sizes, weight & helmet choice.

Driver61 recommends: the Stilo ST5F N Composite Helmet. The new ST5FN Composite model is extremely light, uses a smaller outer shell, provides increased vision. We think this is one of if not the most cost effective helmets you can buy. Approved to FIA 8858-2010 & Snell SA2010 safety standards.

racing helmets from Stilo

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Type: Carbon | Composite | Open Face | Rally | Karting
Helmets for: Trackdays & Beginners | AM Racers | Pro Drivers
Homologation: Snell SA2015 | FIA 8860-2010 | FIA 8859-2015 | FIA 8860-2018
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  • OMP GP8 Racing Helmet

    OMP GP8 Racing Helmet

    £256.90£298.90 ex VAT
  • OMP Star Helmet

    OMP Star Helmet

    £55.30 ex VAT