Racing Simulators

Rapid improvements in the quality of racing simulator components has seen these training tools become invaluable for racing driver development.  Most professional drivers own a racing simulator because they offer so much more than circuit learning, when used properly they help brain training to increase our focus and discipline as a driver. For example, Max Verstappen is still a regular competitor in online racing.

A quick google search will deliver suitable hardware options but a further search will reveal a much larger range of blogs from people asking for advice on tuning their equipment choice and incompatibility issues between hardware.

In essence, buying the expensive kit is only the same as bolting a pricy set of dampers on our car. They give us a better place to work from but still need setting up to offer a benefit.

These racing sims come ready tuned to work straight away and include installation and training on use.

If down the line you begin to think you want more from your hardware, everything is upgradeable but from the start, these motorsport simulators are highly logical training tools that will feel right straight away.

We have a great selection of three-monitor and VR racing sims that will certainly help drivers improve their racing technique and learn car setup.

Driver61 recommends: Motorsport Tuition’s VR Racing Sim. This VR racing simulator allows drivers to efficiently work on their driving technique by giving excellent feel and a truly immersive experience.

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  • Motorsport Tuition START-VR Racing Simulator

    £6,582.50 ex VAT
  • Motorsport Tuition Start 3 Racing Simulator

    £6,179.17 ex VAT
  • Motorsport Tuition Start Racing Simulator

    £5,166.67 ex VAT