Racing Harness Accessories

Take a look at our range of sub straps, reinforcement plates and mounting kits for racing harnesses below or search for an item you’re looking for in the search box below.

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  • Anti-sub strap II thumbnail

    Anti-sub strap II

    £56.28 ex VAT
  • Anti-sub strap „V-Strap“ thumbnail

    Anti-sub strap „V-Strap“

    £35.75 ex VAT
  • Anti-sub strap I thumbnail

    Anti-sub strap I

    £29.84 ex VAT
  • Harness Mount Snap-on Kit thumbnail

    Harness Mount Snap-on Kit

    £10.04 ex VAT
  • Reinforcement plate 50 x 80 mm thumbnail

    Reinforcement plate 50 x 80 mm

    £4.97 ex VAT