AIM EVO 5 Data Logger

AIM EVO 5 Data Logger

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Product Description

The AIM EVO 5 data logger features an aluminium body that allows easy instalment in racing cars.

It includes two multi-channel motorsport connectors. The 37-pin connector is for applications such as CAN, AIM CAN networks and also a 22-pin connector for things such as CAN2 or digital outputs.

The EVO 5 logger also includes an SD card to record all data. The card is shielded by a waterproof door.

Another CAN connection has been added for teams wanting to receive data from other car modules including ABS and CAN sensors. The EVO samples all data coming from the ECU, RS232 or K-line, internal accelerometers, GPS and gyro.

EVO 5’s ECU connection also links to more than 700 various ECUs and stores the location of over 200 circuits around the world, enabling automatic lap timing and splits.

The logger can downloaded wirelessly, so long as it’s within 100m of the laptop.

There are many sensors that can be connected to EVO 5:

– 8 analogue channels with configurable 12 bit 0-5 Volt, 0-500 mV, 0-50 mV inputs or thermocouple input
– 4 speed inputs
– 1 RPM input
– 1 built-in inertial platform: an integrated three-axial accelerometer and gyro sensor

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Evo5, 4m GPS08 Car Roof, 37pin Harness, 4GB SD, Evo5, 4m GPS08, 37pin Harness, 4GB SD



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