AIM EVO4 Data Logger

AIM EVO4 Data Logger

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The AIM EVO 4 Data Logger samples all the information you require including that coming from the ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-line, the internal accelerometers and gyro and the GPS08 module included.

The data logger uses one connector per channel and is fully compatible with the last generation of AIM loggers and with AIM’s impressive Race Studio 3 software.

The GPS08 Module included provides the GPS data for the unit including, position, speed and latitude and longitude acceleration. The module also allows the logger to know where start/finish lines are and so show lap and split times.

The EVO 4 logger allows you to add five analogue channels with configurable 12 bit 0-5 volt, 0-500 mV, 0-50mV inputs or thermocouple input. These can be used for data such as temperature, pressure, suspension and more.

There are two speed inputs to record wheels speeds from side to side or front to rear. Finally, there also an RPM input which uses wave signal from the ECU or pulse signals from the coil.

The internal there-axis accelerometer and gyro sensor is built in and helps engineers and drivers to understand when the car is oversteering or understeering.

All data can be downloaded to AIM’s Race Studio software for analysis.

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4m cable + ODB11 Cable Harness, 4m cable + RS232 Harness, 4m cable Roof version + ODB11 Harness, 4m cable Roof version + RS232 Harness



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