AIM MXG Datalogger and Dash

AIM MXG Datalogger and Dash

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Product Description

The MXG dash and data logger receives and displays information coming from your car’s ECU, it’s internal gyro and accelerometer and GPS module. You can also use up to another eight modules for other data inputs using one of our many AIM Sensors.

The AIM MXG dash has a high-contrast TFT 7 inch display, ensuring the driver can see all information easily. It also included a clever sensor to automatically change brightness settings.

The dash includes fully custom alarms, allowing you to easily change parameters and the types of alarms – whether it be lights or text message.

The MXG dash allows two digital outputs so you can run external systems such as lights or pumps.

Using the MXG’s included CAN bus, it’s possible to add expansion modules to better performance:

– GPS MODULE – GPS05 module (inc in this kit) allows logger to show lap times and other information derived from GPS
– CHANNEL EXPANSION – add up to 4 0-5 volt analogue channels for data such as pressure, temperature, speed and potentiometers
– TC HUB – add up to 4 K thermocouples
– LCU-One lambda controller, provides all air and fuel data to tune carburettors
– SmartyCam HD Cameras – on-board cameras that can be overlayed in your data
– MEMORY MODULE – use an SD to store your data, then simple add SD card into your laptop for data transfer

All data taken from the MXG logger can be analysed in AIM’s excellent Race Studio 3 software. The logger can also be downloaded using Wi-Fi from the logger itself.

In The Box

– MXG Dash Datalogger
– 37 Pin standard harness / loom
– GPS Module with cable
– USB cable
– Software installation CD

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