AIM MXL2 Dash and Data Logger

AIM MXL2 Dash and Data Logger

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The AIM MXL2 data logger and dash can take data from your car’s ECU, it’s own internal gyro and accelerometer as well as by adding up to another 8 inputs modules.

If you’d like to use your car’s ECU for data information, the MXL2 will work with over 1000 different ECUs – contact us to check yours.

It’s also possible to connect various sensors including potentiometers, pressure sensors, thermo, k-type and much more.

The dash display is fully custom and can show up to 8 pages of various information for your driver. The display is also high-contrast for easy reading when in car.

There are six different LEDs for alarms, with all parameters and conditions fully customisable.

The MXL2 includes two digital outputs, allowing you to run external systems such as lights or pumps.

Revs lights can be adjusted, allowing each of the 10 LEDs to be perfected for your car and driver.

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