AIM MXS Strada Dash and Display with Standard Icons

AIM MXS Strada Dash and Display with Standard Icons

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Product Description

The AIM XMS Strada Dash and Display with Standard Icons is similar to the road car icon version, but instead of the road icons it uses fully customisable LED lights for alarms.

The display is a high-contrast TFT, meaning that the brightness is automatically adjusted to suit ambient lighting.

The AIM MXS Strada displays all the information you’ll require including RPM, speed and even lap times. The displays are fully customisable, or you can choose from a library of page styles.

On the top of the AIM MXS Strada Dash you will find ten multi-coloured RGB lights, which can be customised for your use, showing RPM thresholds for individual gears. The dash’s alarms can be configured in the same way.

Recorded data can be check either within the dash itself, or once downloaded, in AIM’s Race Studio software. Inside the dash you can view data such as lap times and min/max speed and RPM.

Key Features

– 5 inch TFT high contrast display
– 6 alarm lights (configurable)
– 3 CAN connections
– Links with over 700 ECUs
– Includes accelerometer and gyroscope
– 8 analogue inputs at max 1000 Hz each
– 4 digital speed inputs
– Coil RPM input
– Lap signal input
– 2 digital outputs
– Waterproof aluminium body

Additional Information


CAN cable ECU, OBDII Cable (CAN+K)



Key Features


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