AIM SmartyCam HD Rev 2: 67¡ Onboard Camera

AIM SmartyCam HD (Rev 2.1) 67° Onboard Camera

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Product Description

The AIM SmartyCam HD (Rev 2.1) 67° Wide Angle Onboard Video Camera offering a professional on-board camera for Motorsport, offering excellent video quality that can be linked to your AIM data logger. Designed to withstand extreme on-track working conditions, ideal for Motorsport.

Aim’s Car Racing Video Camera has been designed for Motorsports with a single purpose providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. All this in the most robust and reliable system ever.

In its new version, the electronics/mechanics have been further improved, and SmartyCam HD is now even easier to manage.

This is the self contained and ready to go (Rev 2) 84° wide angle version, an ideal camera for track days or Motorbikes.

The H.264 1280×720 pixel @ 30 fps HD camera will overlay track map, car position, speed and lap times over the on-board video. If it’s connected to an AIM data logger you can add even more information including, RPM, throttle, gear and much more.

The layout of the SmartyCam HD is easily setup through the simple Race Studio 3 software. You can even add your own logo to be represented on the final video output.

The camera will automatically start and stop, using it’s GPS to know when the car is moving.

What’s in the box?

– SmartyCam HD 67° Wide Racing Onboard Video Camera
– 4 Gb HC10 SD card
– CAN cable (3) or external power cable
– Battery charger
– USB/AC power adapter
– CD for software installation

Smartycam HD Rev2.1 – Competitive Adavantages
– Real Time Data Overlayed on Videos
– SmartyCam HD overlays all the data you need from different sources.
– Race Studio 3, your software for video configuration and analysis
– Automatic Start and Stop
– Automatic On/Off Switch


– “No “”Wave Effect”” with the new CMOS Sensor and improved video quality”
– The Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
– Proprietary Lenses Designed for Motorsport
– Front Mount color TFT display for in-car installation
– High Quality, small size video files

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