Torq Custom Race Suit

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Torq Racewear

FREE UK & Euro delivery *As this is a custom suit, delivery can take upto 4 weeks. Please contact us for more information.
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Product Description

Torq offers an excellent quality custom race suit, specific to your needs and tastes.

The custom race suit has many different features and options. You can choose the colour design of all suits.

Extra suit customisation includes:

  1. Made to measure fit or standard suit sizes
  2. Bespoke pattern or templates (colour palette & templates shown left)
  3. Suit type (differing material qualities and features)
  4. Add any number of printed or embroidered logos
  5. Choose ankle cuff, belt and pocket styles

Please read the explanation of the options below and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via our instant chat (bottom right).

You can view all of the Torq templates to the left of this description or download the hi-res PDF below.

Download Custom Suit Template Options


Your Torq suit can be made according to your specific body measurements for the best fit possible. A made to measure suit costs only an additional £85 on the suits base price (select the option from the dropdown box above.


You can choose one of the 12 suit templates to the left and pick out your colours to customise your design.

Alternatively, if you require a completely unique suit, Torq will design a bespoke pattern. Making your custom suit extra special costs only an additional £125 on the base suit price.


Torq offers three levels of suit base, using various qualities of material with different features:

Torq One Superlight: Super thin, two-layer race suit made from the highest quality materials. A size 50 suit weighs only 850g!

The custom race suit features a soft collar, fully-floating sleeves and stretch panels on the back and legs for the best range of movement. All sections of this suit can use any of Torq’s colour palette.

Torq Two: A two-layer race suit using a lightweight 360 g.sq/m material and featuring floating sleeves, soft collar and stretch panel on the back.

The main colour of the suit must be white, black, royal blue or red. Secondary and tertiary can use any of Torq’s colour palette.

Torq Three: The base two-layer race suit using a lightweight 360 g.sq/m material. The race suit uses high-quality materials but does not include the soft collar, floating sleeve and stretch panel features of the Torq One and Two.

The main colour of the suit must be white, black, royal blue or red. Secondary and tertiary can use any of Torq’s colour palette.


Select the number of small and large logos you require before purchase.

Logos can be either embroidered or printed. Small logos are an extra £10 each and Large logos are an extra £20 each. If you require more or larger logos, please contact us.

Small logo: smaller than ≈15x7cm

Large logo: up to ≈40x25cm

Once your purchase has been made, we’ll consult you on the suit design and send you an option for your consideration. Once you have verified the design, we’ll manufacture the race suit.


You can choose from further options for a truly bespoke suit at no extra cost. We’ll contact you after purchase for your preference.

Leg Cut: standard ankle cuff or Nascar style cut

Belt: with or without

Pockets: with or without

Additional Information

Made to Measure

No, Yes

Bespoke Suit Pattern

No, Yes

Suit Type

Torq 3, Torq 1 Superlight, Torq 2

Small Logos

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Large Logos

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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