Racing Glove Size Charts

Here you can find glove sizing charts and how to measure your hand for the racing glove brands of Alpinestars, MOMO, OMP and Sparco.

All of these fireproof glove brands can be purchased on the Driver 61 store here.

How do I Measure My Hand for Racing Gloves?

Measuring your hand for your next pair of racing gloves isn’t particularly difficult, yet it’s critical that you take the correct measurement.

You’ll need your racing gloves to fit, well, like a glove, to best feel and respond to the steering wheel’s feedback.

What is my glove size?

  1. You’ll need a fabric measuring tape
  2. Place the end of the tape on the back of your knuckles
  3. Wrap the tape around your hand
  4. Keep hand and knuckles flat
  5. Take the measurement
  6. Compare your measurement to our glove size charts below

Alpinestars Glove Size Chart

View all: Alpinestars Gloves

Hand Circumference (cm)6-108-1210-1412.5-16.516.5-1918-21.520-2423-26.525.5-2928-32
Alpinestars Glove Size45678910111213

FreeM Glove Size Chart

View all: Freem Gloves

Hand Circumference (cm)16/18 cm18.5/20 cm20.5/21.5 cm22/23 cm23.5/26 cm

MOMO Glove Size Chart

View all: MOMO Gloves

Hand Circumference (cm)19-2020-2121-2222-2323-24

OMP Glove Size Chart

View all: OMP Gloves

OMP Glove Size4567891011
Hand Circumference (cm)7.5-1010-12.512.5-1515-1818-20.520.5-2323-25.525.5-28

Sparco Glove Size Chart

View all: Sparco Gloves

Sparco Glove Size5678910111213
Hand Circumference (cm)101214161820222426

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