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Fast Track Framework

A step-by-step course to make you faster, more consistent, totally confident on the limit and ultimately win championships.

Get Faster The Smart Way


So you’d like to get faster, feel more confident on track and get on the podium?

Great. We all love racing, but if you’re off the pace and don’t feel comfortable extracting everything from a race car, it’s easy to feel a little lost.

How do you trail brake perfectly? How do you find the limit confidently? How do you know when you’re pushing too hard? And even if you think you’re on the pace, where do you begin with setting up a car?

I’m going to help cut through the confusion – to not only learn how to properly prepare for track time, but also how to use your time effectively, find new limits and everything you need to consistently get on the podium.

In my Fast Track Framework programme, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of being a complete, fast racing driver. It’s an 8-week course to help you ace the 2021 season and get the most satisfaction from your racing, plus some silverware.

How I Can Help


Hi, I’m Scott. I started racing cars 19 years ago and won numerous European championships in single-seaters.

I’ve been coaching drivers for 15 years, and last year alone, I personally worked with 120 different amatuer racing drivers. I did this in the same car at the same circuit – that’s 26,000 miles in the passenger seat and a lot of learning on both sides.

Typically, drivers I worked with found seconds of lap time and would get within 0.5-2% of a pro-level time, which is enough to get on the podium in most club championships.

They would not only get faster, but have other “lightbulb moments” including understanding how to drive the car on the limit and how to trail brake perfectly.

The trick to becoming a fast, complete racing driver is to have fundamental technique ingrained into your nervous system. Having a coach pushing you to brake later or try harder simply isn’t effective. You need to understand this for yourself. You need a learned set of processes and a roadmap to how to be fast.

That’s what I’m going to teach you in this course.

Drivers University
The Secret to Getting on the Podium


There is actually no secret to being a championship-winning driver. It’s a case of learning proper skills, in the right order,  repeating them and being thoughtful about your driving.

Of course, some of these skills need to be practiced in your race car, but a surprising number do not. Before you start pushing on track, you need a clear path to finding the limit and forging new limits once you’re there.

Winning races and championships is mostly a matter of:

  1. Great fundamental technique
  2. Finding the limit quickly
  3. Adapting your driving style thoughtfully
  4. Being consistent
  5. Analysing and understanding your own technique (self-coaching)
  6. Being able to adapt to any car, circuit or weather condition
  7. Understanding setup basics
  8. Being confident with racecraft

That’s all it takes. I guarantee if you work through my framework and understand how to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll find lots of lap time and have much better results.

You’ll change how you race, enjoy it much more and start collecting trophies.

Sadly, trying to be faster can be overwhelming. As with all things, learning efficiently and in the correct order is easier said than done.

“Scott’s ability to break down the phases of driving faster into simple clear methods made this time spent an absolute bargain.

The difference in speed was huge, but more importantly, doing it consistently and under complete control is a step-change in my driving. You will be amazed how much more grip you can extract.

Testing will now go to the next level as I’m no longer just pounding around trying to improve my lines or brake a bit later. I now know what I’m looking for.”

R. Marsh, ex-BTCC and British GT driver

The Challenges


Driving on the limit of grip consistently for a race distance, adapting to tyre degradation while there are cars trying to overtake – and cars to be overtaken – is hard. You’ll need to figure how much grip your car has and what the best way to drive it is.

You’ll need to make sure your trail braking, vision, left foot braking and throttle application is perfect. You’ll worry if you’re pushing hard enough, or if you’re pushing too hard. You’ll question the setup of your car. You might not feel confident on the limit.

This is difficult. It takes work. But racing is lot of fun and if you can feel confident in your car and extract the most speed from it, there’s nothing better.

If there is one “secret”, it’s that you’ll need to approach your driving in bite size pieces and learn repeatable processes, like a pilot. Then, you can feel confident in your car and make it lap as quickly as possible.

Instead of trying to lap faster through pushing harder, you want to think of your driving in logical steps. These steps will build perfect fundamental technique, and enable you to identify blockages quickly for further refinement.

I’ve put hundreds of drivers through these systems, and I can help you do the same with your driving.

The Driver61 Academy


The Driver61 Academy is an 8-week live, interactive online course. I’ll teach you everything I know about how to consistently get on the podium and win championships. You’ll learn (a) how to build perfect core technique (b) how to find the limit and feel confident in any conditions (c) how to self-coach (d) how to set up your car.

It’s all based on the Driver61 coaching philosophy. I break driving fast and winning races into a framework for amateur drivers, which can be easily understood and put into practice.

The 8-week programme includes:

  • 8x 2-hours of interactive core sessions each week, with assignments to help you get the most out of the course.
  • 4x 2-hours of breaking down how to self-coach.
  • 4x 1.5 -hours of a specialist guest speaker. Each session will have 90-minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q and A.

All the sessions will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to them, so you can always work through things at your own pace if you prefer.

Cohort 1 runs from February 1st to 28th March 2021, ready for the new season. Live sessions will run at 19:30 GMT / 11:30 PT / 14:30 ET. Each one of these sessions will cover a different topic and step-by-step system so you can practice.

By the end of the 8-week course…


  1. You’ll know how to practice and perfect your driving fundamentals (without needing to go on track)
  2. You’ll be able to plan your next track time for maximum progression
  3. You’ll have a roadmap to find the limit in a safe and predictable way
  4. You’ll know how to generate more grip from your car
  5. You’ll be able to dissect video footage and use it to properly self-coach
  6. You’ll have a framework and logical process to tackle car setup
  7. You’ll understand how to spot blockages with your technique and the next step to faster lap times
  8. You’ll learn how to be confident and concise with overtaking and defending
  9. You’ll know how to best mentally prepare for testing, qualifying and racing.
  10. You’ll learn about the important principles, strategies and tools to maximise your speed on track, without making costly mistakes.

Who’s this course for?


This course is aimed at drivers who, like me, want to continually improve their performance on track. It’s for those who want to be able to make massive progress, and understand their driving themselves – that’s how you ultimately set the pace and win trophies.

‘Serious’ Beginners

  • You’ve just started driving on track, you’ve had an interest in motorsport for a long time and now it’s time to go racing!
  • You know being fast is a complex task and you want to build the right foundations from the get-go.
  • You want to shortcut your journey to your first trophy and ensure you’re not driving out of control, running the risk of a crash.
  • In 8-weeks – you’ll know how to best prepare for your time on track and will have already built some of the techniques you need to be fast. You’ll know how to analyse your onboard videos, to find lots of lap time. You’ll be able to plan your track time for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Intermediate Amatuer Drivers

  • Congratulations! You’re already racing and have been for a few years.
  • You’ve realised that you’re either not driving at the limit or you’re pushing the car too hard. You’re mostly a second or more off the pace.
  • You’d love to be driving right at the front of the pack, consistently in the hunt for podiums, but feel like you’ve hit a plateau and want to take your driving to the next level.
  • In 8-weeks – You’ll find the problems that have been holding you back – and what to do about them. You’ll get into the processes behind areas you might not have explored before such as self-coaching, logical setup changes and manipulating your own driving style.

What’s in the course?


The Fast Track Framework (8x 2-hour Monday classes)
On Wednesdays, we’ll tackle the 8 modules of my flagship system, the Fast Track Framework. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to be faster, more consistent, race better and make logical setup changes – all with step-by-step frameworks. We’ll cover:

  1. Perfect fundamental technique – how to build perfect technique to make your race car easier to drive on the limit. How to practice without being on the track (free and more repeatable) and how to plan your track time so you progress quickly.
  2. Find the Limit – how to find the limit quickly, in any car, circuit or condition. How to push your car to the limit without taking unnecessary risk. How to feel in total control on the limit.
  3. Forge new limits – there’s much more grip beyond the initial limit. Use my step-by-step process to generate more grip and carry more speed each lap, ultimately make massive leaps forward in laptime.
  4. Qualifying & Race Pace – How to get up to speed as quickly as possible in qualifying and during race starts. Ensure you qualify at the front and stay there. How to find limits quickly in different conditions and how to be consistent over a race distance.
  5. Effective data-logging – how to use data-logging effectively. How to analyse your traces and what to look out for. Learn how to translate lines into seconds of lap time.
  6. Assertive racecraft – how to ensure you overtake in a clean, but assertive manner. Stop making “half-moves” and learn to set up a maneuver the right way. How to defend properly, without costing yourself time.
  7. Logical Setup – It’s easy to get lost with setup or not have the confidence to even attempt to change it. Learn how to define what’s wrong with the car and map out the logical next setup change to make.
  8. Race Weekend Mentality – how to be calm and calculated during a race weekend. How to put yourself in the sweet spot between not pushing hard enough and getting the red mist.


Become Your Own Coach (4x 2-hour Wednesday classes)
Every other Wednesday class is for learning how to analyse your own driving, video footage and build an action plan for your next session on track. These sessions will allow you to make progression each and every time you hit the track, through self-coaching. On top of that we’ll cover:

  1. How to build perfect feedback from your sessions. Give yourself the right information for your next session.
  2. How to analyse video footage. Learn how to uncover blockages with your driving technique and car setup. A step-by-step process to organise what to focus on first.
  3. How to create a game plan for each session to ensure you’re making constant progress and improvement. How to prioritise technique changes for rapid development in lap time.
  4. How to find patterns in your technique for improvement. For example, is there commonly time in big braking zones or fast corners? Which one to focus on first, and how.
  5. Get direct feedback from myself and the group on your driving and where to find time. Work through other drivers onboards to practice analysis into practical next steps.



Specialists Speakers (4x 1-hour Wednesday classes)
Every other Wednesday, we’ll have a special speaker from the motorsport world to speak. Their focus will be on making you faster, confident on the limit, consistent – everything you’ll need to give yourself the best opportunity to get on the podium.


The Support Community
In each of the 16 Zoom calls (2 times a week), there’ll be lots of opportunities to ask me any questions you need to. On top of that, you’ll have lifetime access to our support community where you can ask and answer questions with me, my team and other students.

Money-Back Guarantee


I want this investment to be completely risk-free for you. If you join the sessions, complete the assignments, and still don’t feel the course valuable, drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the start of the programme.

Plans & Pricing


Enrollment for Cohort 1 closes early 2021, places are limited.

Cohort 1 runs from February 1st to 28th March 2021, ready for the new season. Live sessions will run at 19:30 GMT / 11:30 PT / 14:30 ET. You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings (so don’t worry if you miss a session).



✔   The core Fast Track Framework live sessions (16 hours) with assignments

✔   Lifetime access to Cohort 1 session recording

✔   Private online discussion forum and community




✔   The core Fast Track Framework live sessions (16 hours) with assignments

✔   Lifetime access to Cohort 1 session recording

✔   Private online discussion forum and community

✔   Learning to Self Coach live sessions (8 hours) with assignments

✔   5 hours with guest specialist speakers

✔   Priority support channel on community platform (Circle)



✔   The core Fast Track Framework live sessions (16 hours) with assignments

✔   Lifetime access to Cohort 1 session recording

✔   Private online discussion forum and community

✔   Learning to Self Coach live sessions (8 hours) with assignments

✔   5 hours with guest specialist speakers

✔   Priority support channel on community platform

✔   Pure Pace Programme on-track training – one-to-one coaching with a Driver61 coach (usually £1900, based in the UK) – Read more.



Email us at fasttrack@driver61.com if you have any questions. We’d love to help you out.

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