Apply all the learning from the Driver61 MasterClass
to your specific race car.


The MasterClass Transition course is open to drivers who have taken the Driver61 MasterClass and want to accelerate the transition into their track car. The concept of the course is similar to the MasterClass course, with the additional benefit of your coach understanding you, your car and applying specific techniques to optimise your driving. 

Your race car, faster.

Highly-effective, 1-to-1 training with a Driver61 coach. A course bespoke to you and your car, for the most rapid improvements.

Absolute confidence.

Find the ultimate limit quickly and confidently in any conditions, building on MasterClass training and car-specific techniques.

Setup Feedback.

Get valuable feedback about the setup of your car, including suggestions for improvement from an engineering-based coach.

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I’ve been asked by almost every MasterClass driver to coach them in their race car, however, I’ve so far resisted coaching on a typical track or test day as I don’t feel it’s possible to add sufficient value. This is mostly due to the constant distractions found on a track or test day, and their inflexibility around finding a proper rhythm to practice intricate technique.

Ideally, I wanted to structure something similar to the original MasterClass course; a highly-efficient training session that focuses on core technique and made significant improvements, but in the driver’s own track or race car.

What happens in the MasterClass Transition course?

  • A little time will be spent learning the circuit and confirming the fundamentals of vision and smooth weight transfer are still in place after the MasterClass
  • During the initial sessions in the passenger seat, your coach will begin to understand how your car responds to your inputs
  • Your coach will drive your car for a short session to fully understand the technique required to extract optimal performance
  • While maintaining and building upon core technique, your coach will work with you to find the limit through a systematic and controlled method
  • You will then work around the ‘limit’, altering technique to achieve the best lap times
  • If time allows you’ll also work on qualifying and race simulations, to reduce the likeliness of mistakes, improve consistency and increase absolute speed
  • Your coach will also offer you and your team detailed setup feedback that could help improve the car in the future

If you’re looking to shortcut the learning curve in your race car and make lasting changes to improve your race results, this course is for you.



I hold the course at Blyton Park circuit as we rent it on a semi-exclusive basis and there’s little or no circuit traffic.

This not only means that we can spend as much time on track as required, but we have the flexibility to work on technique and run drills that we just wouldn’t be able to do on a track or test day.

The problem with track days is that it’s difficult to get into a rhythm, using up valuable mental capacity and making it impossible to change core technique. Using Blyton means there are no distractions, so you can learn efficiently and make permanent changes. As you know, our philosophy is all about spending our time as efficiently as possible.

Blyton also has an excellent surface and a comprehensive mix of corners to practice and perfect technique.


08:30: Arrival and sign on
09:00: Sighting laps and initial assessment
9:40-12:30: Track driving
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-16:00: Track driving

What else do I need to know?

  • We’ll be using your car, so preparation and running on the day is down to you and your team. If you don’t yet have a race car, we can organise hire and running for you.
  • It’s ideal if your car had a passenger seat – that way your coach can sit next to you and really feel your technique and well as give you live instruction (we’ll bring the intercom).
  • If your car has a data logging system please let us know so we can prepare with the appropriate software.
  • If your team are not based in the UK, it is possible for us to travel to your country, however, it’s important to find the correct type of circuit to test on. Please be sure you have access to at least a semi-exclusive test, where there will be minimal traffic.
  • You’ll work with your original MasterClass coach – your coach best knows your driving and can serve you most efficiently.

Register your interest in the Driver61 MasterClass Transition course

If you’d like to accelerate learning in your race car, get in touch.

The MasterClass Transition course has been designed to assist you in the next stage of your learning as a racing driver.

Like all our courses, it’s been designed to the utmost efficiency in development and also offer excellent value.

If you have any further questions or would like to sign up, please get in touch.

Best regards,

Scott Mansell