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New to Motorsport?

Here’s the Racewear you’ll need to get started.

If you’re new to racing, the amount of kit you need can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to show you what you’ll need to get started in motorsport.

This racewear has been hand-picked for beginners by our racing driver founder, Scott Mansell offering various options at differing price points.

So, what do you need? For your first test or race event you’ll require:

Racing Helmet

Finding the right helmet is very important and with the many different brands and models available it’s a difficult process.

Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide to learn more about which helmet is right for you, including how to properly measure your head.

Helmets Buyer’s Guide – information regarding safety requirements, size, material and type of helmet.

I have put together a list of helmets that we believe are excellent options for new drivers. In terms of safety, the helmet is the most import piece of equipment, so take your time to choose and contact us if you require any further help.

Racing Helmets

Hans Devices

HANS or FHR devices are designed to restrain a driver’s head – compared to the body – during a front and angled-front racing crash.

Finding the right HANS, FHR or Hybrid FHR device is extremely important. However, there are various types, materials and angles available so we’ve listed the best options for drivers here.

Hans Device Buyer’s Guide – information regarding safety requirements, sizes, material and angle of FHR device.

Hans Device Comparison


Buying a race suit is one of the more simple purchases when kitting yourself out, but you’ll want to make sure your suit fits your needs. Look out for stretch panels for easy movement in the cockpit, breathability and general style.

Racing Suit Buyer’s Guide – information regarding safety requirements, size, material and features of race suits.

Race Suits Comparison

Racing is all about feel. Having a secure grip on the steering wheel, that’s full of feeling is critical if you want to be fast on circuit.

When comparing racing gloves it’s important to consider:

  • External seams – it may seem like a trivial thing, but external seams really do help the glove to feel better and maintain a better grip
  • Silicon printed palm – most modern gloves have a printed silicon palm which significantly improves grip on the wheel
  • Colours – because we all want our kit to match!
  • Fit – our glove sizing charts work very well, you’ll find them on each glove page

Racing Boots

It’s extremely important to have great feel on the pedals when driving on track, so you can precisely trail brake for example. If you have any questions about our selection of race boots, please be sure to contact us.

All of our race boots are FIA approved, meaning they can be used in motorsport around the world.

Racing Boots Compare - new to motorsport

Racing Underwear

Racing underwear adds an extra layer of fire and heat protection, therefore it’s critical for safety.

We recommend wearing a top, bottoms and balaclava for optimum protection – and advise purchasing the same brand for all underwear. Our particular favourites are Walero and Alpinestars thanks to their quality and price point.

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