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Scott Mansell - Driver Coaching

Hi, I’m Scott Mansell (from the Driver’s University) and I’m thrilled to announce an exciting venture for Driver 61; a practical track driving course to make long-lasting improvements to your circuit driving.

Having spent the last 15 years – and thousands of hours – of my life racing and coaching at circuits around the world, I’ve seen many drivers – even the experienced guys – get the fundamental techniques of driving completely wrong.

The unfortunate thing is they never get close to reaching their full potential and waste a lot of time and money on the way.

With this in mind, I’ve designed an intensive single-day driving course that quickly instils proper technique and creates lasting changes to make you faster, safer and more consistent.

The concept of the course is simple – I strip back all of the usual distractions of track days or testing, to quickly and thoroughly improve your base technique. You’ll shortcut my 25 years of learning as I transfer my knowledge as efficiently as possible.

It’ll be just you and I, in a car, on an empty circuit.

During the course, I’ll not be simply explaining how much speed to carry into a corner or where to brake, but rather analyse your driving to then give you the bespoke tools to make these complex decisions yourself, meaning you can transfer the skills to any car and any circuit.

If you’re looking to significantly improve your technique, reduce lap time and make lasting changes as efficiently as possible, this course is for you.

It’s for both beginner and experienced track drivers, with the goal being to improve your understanding of how to get the most out of any track or race car.


The track technique and car handling course is the natural progression from our popular Driver’s University tutorials.

Learning about technique through our tutorials is an excellent starting point, but having an experienced race coach help you apply these techniques, while driving, will greatly accelerate the process.

Here are a few things (plus much more) you’ll learn:

  • How looking in the right place makes you faster
  • How to reach the limit of grip efficiently and safely
  • How to manipulating weight transfer alters a car’s balance
  • How to use trail braking to use 100% of a car’s available grip
  • How to improve consistency


Bell GT5 Touring Full Face Helmet

I hold the course at Bruntinthorpe Proving Ground as there’s little or no circuit traffic. This means we have the flexibility to work on technique and run drills that we just wouldn’t be able to do on a test day.

The issue with track or test days, is that it’s impossible to get into a rhythm and drivers are always distracted by other cars, using up valuable mental capacity. Using Bruntinthorpe means there are no distractions so you can learn efficiently and make long-lasting changes.


The day is all about spending our time as efficiently as possible. There is no classroom padding and we’ll spend almost all of our time in the car working through practical techniques and then ensuring you understand the theory – usually covering over 200 miles per day.

09:00: Arrival and sign on

09:30: Sighting laps and initial assessment

10:00-12:30: Track driving

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-16:00: Track driving


I use a road car (Mazda MX-5) on my course for a number of reasons. Firstly, we’re trying to spend as little mental capacity as possible on actually driving the car – so you can consciously think about, and improve your technique. The faster the car you drive, the more capacity it naturally takes and the less room for learning you have.

Road cars also have soft suspension. Usually, this isn’t a good thing for track driving, but much of my course is based on manipulating the car’s weight transfer and therefore grip. This is easier to feel (and more finely managed) in a road car.

The final reason is simple communication. I can more easily and quickly explain techniques in the quieter cockpit of a road car. This course is about learning as efficiently as possible, and to do that, we need to talk on circuit.

The Cost

In terms of improving your core driving technique, my course is much more effective (and a whole lot cheaper) than attending many track or test days, even if you take a coach. This day is all about intensive learning in an efficient manner.

The total cost of the day is £1,600.00, including:

  • car hire
  • semi-exclusive circuit hire
  • coaching fee
  • tyres
  • fuel and oils
  • other consumables

Let me finish by saying thank you very much for using Driver 61. The feedback I’ve received in the last two years has genuinely been incredible. Every time I receive an email or comment about our circuit guides or tutorials, it fills me with pride.

I hope that I can help some of you to continue the learning process in the most valuable and efficient way possible. If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch.

Best regards,

Scott Mansell


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