Track Technique and Car Handling Course


Hi, I’m Scott Mansell, and I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new venture for Driver 61; a practical track driving course to make long-lasting improvements to your car handling technique while circuit driving.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a driver coach for over twelve years, working with hundreds of drivers and spending thousands of hours in the passenger seat.

With all this time at the circuit, I’ve noticed that many drivers – even experienced guys – get the basics of driving wrong and learn poor habits. They slowly improve, but nothing like what they’re capable of. Finally, they reach a plateau, a long way from their potential ultimate pace.

During my time coaching and twenty-two years racing, I’ve developed what I think are the most efficient processes to improve a driver’s overall performance.

The program will teach you the often overlooked principles of circuit driving, to ensure you have the core skills available to be fast on track and reach your potential. It’s a single day course where you’ll learn much more about circuit driving than ever before.

Our course is for both beginner and experienced track drivers, with the goal being to improve your understanding of how to get the most out of any track or race car. We’re not simply explaining the location of the next apex or when to apply the throttle, but rather giving you the tools to make these complex decisions yourself.

From University to Race Track

Our track technique and car handling course is the natural progression from our popular Driver’s University tutorials. Learning about technique through our tutorials is an excellent starting point, but having an experienced race coach help you apply these techniques, while driving, will greatly accelerate the process.

The Driver’s University is a great place to begin your learning


Here are a few things (plus much more) you’ll learn:

– How looking in the right place makes you faster (you’ll be surprised where you should place your vision)

– How to reach the limit of grip efficiently

– How to manipulating weight transfer alters a car’s balance

– How to use trail braking to use 100% of a car’s available grip

Who is the program for?

The course is for anyone who has already driven on track – from track day beginner to amateur race driver – and wants to take their driving to the next level.

You’ll learn techniques that will make a lasting impression on your driving, and your lap time. The track driving theory you’ll learn is relevant no matter what your current skill level is.

Course Details

Your day is split between classroom lessons and circuit driving, with plenty of time on track to practice and perfect your newly learned techniques.

We use BMW 1 Series road cars. They’re not the fastest on track, but due to their relatively soft suspension, they’re perfect for learning about weight transfer, trail braking and other essential techniques. If you only want to accelerate quickly in a Ferrari, our course isn’t for you.

When and where is next session?

We will hold the next session at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. Blyton is an excellent facility for our course, with a perfect mix of corners for practising the techniques you’ll learn. We’re planning to announce the next round of dates in the second half of 2017.

The course is 100% arrive and drive. Just make your way to Blyton Park where your instructors, cars, classroom and lunch will be waiting for you.

The introduction price per driver is £625.00, all future courses will be £725.00. There will be a maximum of nine drivers per day, (max. three drivers per coach). 

The first course sold out in 90 minutes, so register your interest now to avoid disappointment.

If you’d like more information, please enter your details below to request a callback and hear more about our Track Technique and Car Handling Course.

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