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Hi, I’m Scott Mansell (from the Driver’s University) and I’d like to introduce the Driver61 MasterClass, a practical driving course to make permanent improvements to your circuit driving.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 15 years – and thousands of hours – of my life racing and coaching at circuits around the world.

During this time, I’ve seen many drivers – even the experienced guys – get the fundamental techniques of driving completely wrong.

The unfortunate thing is they never get close to reaching their full potential and waste a lot of time and money along the way.

With this in mind, I’ve designed an intensive single-day driving course that quickly instils proper technique and creates lasting changes to make you faster, safer and more consistent.

The concept of the course is simple; remove all the usual distractions of track days or testing, freeing up mental capacity. Then, identify issues in technique before breaking down the theory and installing proper technique through repetition.

You’ll shortcut my 25 years of learning as I transfer my knowledge as efficiently as possible.

I used to coach a lot during track or test days, but found this can often be quite two-dimensional. The focus would be on braking a few metres later or turning in at a different point, rather than working on core technique – not to mention all the distractions and lack of track time associated with test days.

The MasterClass is formatted to work on various layers of technique, using the following, very efficient, structure:

  1. Identify an improper technique
  2. Uncover why the driver is making that decision
  3. Explain / demo the proper process
  4. Practice until it becomes a “natural” method
  5. Move on to the next technique

This process will also furnish you with the bespoke tools to perform these complex judgments yourself, meaning you can “self-coach” and transfer the skills to any car, circuit or condition in the future.

If you’re looking to significantly improve your technique, reduce lap time and make lasting changes as efficiently as possible, this course is for you.

Intensive training.

Cover 200 miles (135 laps). Repetition is the mother of skill — embed muscle memory that’ll help you win races.

10x on the limit.

Much more time on the limit than test or track days, means you’re in the zone & learning at an accelerated rate.

Rapid learning.

Fewer distractions, lots of track-time and Scott’s to-the-point coaching means the most efficient learning possible.


Having raced in different formats for many years with reasonable but not outstanding results it occurred to me that whilst I have taken skiing lessons, shooting lessons, and riding lessons I have never received a minutes tuition for driving a race car! Since motor racing is my main pastime and certainly the most expensive of my hobbies I thought it was high time I had someone look at my technique (I had come to the conclusion I was driving lots of laps making the same mistakes on every lap).

A day with Scott is worth every penny – his approach which drills down on specific technique rather than learning a circuit parrot fashion provides you with a set of skills that can be applied to a vast range of corners and situations. Scott’s tuition has specifically helped me with increasing corner entry speed concentrating on adapting balance under braking which has led to cleaner and quicker exit performance.

The end result has been fantastic, lap times have tumbled and there is a little more silverware in the cabinet as a result. Be warned don’t have a late night before your day with Scott he will put you through your paces I was mentally drained by the end of the process. The acid test is, of course, will I book him again the answer is most definitely yes.

Crispin H – Historic Driver

Nothing beats putting the theory into practice on the track, with Scott himself alongside you, giving you constant feedback. He has such a good feel for what the car is doing that he knows exactly what inputs you are making and what you need to do to improve them.

Because the session is one to one, there is a lot of time on track, tailored to you as an individual. It’s very concentrated and intense, but as a result, it is also very rewarding.

Whatever your level, I don’t think there is any a better investment you could make in your driving than to spend a day with Scott, honing those fundamental car control skills

Chris A.

Up until a few years ago, I’d never driven a race car. So starting in Radicals was proving to be fantastic fun, but fun isn’t enough when the lights go out and that competitive edge takes over.

Certainly, natural ability helps, but even more important is proper training. Luckily, help wasn’t far away in the form of Driver 61’s Scott Mansell

I spent the day with Scott at Bruntingthorpe, a real “back to basics” day, with focus on racing principals, learning to drive fast, and smooth. Honing my skills in a Mazda MX5 with Scott on a pure one-to-one basis.

Every braking point, every steering turn was analysed in depth. Its an intense day, but well worthwhile if you want to move up the grid.

Peter T – Radical SR3 racer

Before attending Scott’s 1-2-1 course as a novice driver, I had basic understanding of track driving (thanks to Driver61 University series!) but my little experience prevented me from pushing the car near its limit. For the same reason when signing up I felt a bit concerned whether Scott’s course would be too overwhelming for me.

After an intensive and productive day, I’d like to say my driving has been transformed completely. In fact, it is a bit difficult to put into words as the improvements are all around from vision, techniques and awareness to overall smoothness. As a coach, I find Scott knowledgeable, approachable and patient. This 1-2-1 course just provided me with a perfect opportunity to apply and explore what I learnt from his University series into real action.

Jingjing L.

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The Driver61 MasterClass is the natural progression from our popular Driver’s University tutorials and Circuit Guides.

Learning about proper technique through our tutorials is an excellent starting point, but the Masterclass course will help you take the next step with your driving performance.

Here are a few things (plus much more) you’ll learn:

▶ How looking in the right place makes you faster
▶ How find the optimum racing line depending on your car
▶ How to find the limit of grip quickly and safely
▶ How to have a car break the limit progressively
▶ How to manipulate the limit of grip and push your previous “limit” further
▶ How to manage weight transfer to alter a car’s balance
▶ How to use trail braking to use 100% of a car’s available grip
▶ How to improve consistency


I hold the course at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground as there’s little or no circuit traffic. This means we have the flexibility to work on technique and run drills that we just wouldn’t be able to do on a track or test day.

The issue with track or test days is that it’s impossible to get into a rhythm, using up valuable mental capacity and making it impossible to change core technique. Using Bruntinthorpe means there are no distractions so you can learn efficiently and make permanent changes.

The day is all about spending our time as efficiently as possible.

There is no classroom padding and we’ll spend almost all of our time in the car working through practical techniques and then ensuring you understand the theory – usually covering over 200 miles per day.


09:00: Arrival and sign on
09:30: Sighting laps and initial assessment
10:00-12:30: Track driving
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-16:00: Track driving



I use a Mazda MX-5 road car during the MasterClass and often get asked why. Even though the Mazda isn’t a fast car, it’s perfect for training.

▶ It’s set up perfectly for the type of training. The balance is right, plus softer suspension means any issues with technique are highlighted.

▶ It’s slower, meaning more mental capacity available for analysing your own inputs and improving technique.

▶ It’s slower, more time in the corner and on the limit for longer. More time in that zone means faster learning.

▶ We’re going to be doing around 200 miles on track – many other cars won’t take this punishment!

▶ I’ve used the MX-5 when coaching every client, therefore I’m very efficient in finding the core of a driver’s issue (rather than learning the car).

▶ Communication is easier. The MasterClass is all about efficient learning and a quieter road car help this cause.

▶ The process that we’ll go through – with regard to self-analysis and execution – means you’ll easily be able to transfer the learning into your track cars.


In terms of improving your core driving technique, my course is much more effective (and a whole lot cheaper) than attending track or test days, even if you don’t take a coach.

The MasterClass is all about intensive learning in an efficient manner.

▶ Car hire
▶ Semi-exclusive circuit hire
▶ Coaching fee
▶ Tyres
▶ Fuel and oils
▶ All other consumables
All inclusive price: £1,600.00 per day.

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If you have any questions about the MasterClass, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a call.

Let me finish by saying thank you very much for using Driver 61. The feedback I’ve received in the last two years has been genuinely incredible.

Every time I receive an email or comment about our circuit guides or tutorials, it fills me with pride.

I hope that I can help some of you to continue the learning process in the most valuable and efficient way possible.

Best regards,

Scott Mansell

View dates and book the Driver61 MasterClass Now


Just you. That way I can offer the best value and most efficient coaching. The day will be completely bespoke to you and you’ll be in car all day.