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Welcome to DRIVER61 - Your Favourite Motorsport Resource

Driver 61 is a complete resource for Motorsports enthusiasts of all experience levels to improve and finesse their skill whether they are just having fun or are racing seriously. Take a look at our Driver's University, Circuit Guides and get some great deals at our Motorsport Store.

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Driver's University

The Driver's University is a series of in-depth whiteboard tutorials studying the art of driving on circuit. Each week, our professional driver coach Scott Mansell, takes us from the basics of circuit driving through to more advanced lessons about setup and data analysis.

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Racing Line
Tutorial 1

How to Take the Racing Line

Our first lesson studies the basics of the racing line, including terminology, theory behind the racing line and how to consistently be faster on track.
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6 Phases of a Corner
Tutorial 2

The 6 Phases of a Corner

Our second tutorial takes a look at the six phases of a corner and what inputs a driver should make through braking, turn-in, apex and exit.
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Vision on Track
Tutorial 3

Improving Vision on Track

Good vision is a fundamental technique to get right when driving on track. Learn how to improve your vision when driving, enabling you to be a faster and more consistent driver.
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Top Resources

Here are a few of the resources you can find on Driver 61. From video circuit guides, example fast laps and a list of the UK's track and test day dates, we're here to help.

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Donington Park Circuit Guide

Donington Park

Donington Park is a fast and flowing circuit with the national configuration consisting of ten turns over 1.9 miles.
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Silverstone GP Circuit Guide

Silverstone GP

Silverstone GP is now made up of 18 turns, over 3.6 miles and is a great testing or track day facility.
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Radical in car lap examples

Here’s an excellent onboard lap in Bradley Smith’s Radical SR3 around the short Brands Hatch Indy circuit.
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