Your driver journey.

Drivers go through a common journey that is more predictable than most realise. After working with hundreds of drivers from all around the world, we’ve discovered the important issues that slow progression and how to resolve them in the most efficient way possible.

Here you can find our selection of unique tools to start or continue your development as a driver. Our courses are best used in combination (with the exception of the High-Performance course) in order to ensure a speedy and comprehensive learning progression.


Insights Session

Want to prepare for your next time on track? Need some analysis of your last race? We’re here to help with Driver61 Insights, a 60-minute video call to expose how you can be faster. Share screens; I’ll analyse your video and data; you can pick my brain about your issues. You’ll walk away with a list of actionable takeaways to apply to your next session on track.

Recommended before and after each of your race weekends. Learn more.



A unique take on driver development that will make you faster, safer & more consistent on track in the most efficient way possible. The original Driver61 course that has seen more than one hundred drivers see tremendous improvements in their overall driving.

Recommended 2-3 times per year for experienced racers, more for new drivers. Learn more.


MasterClass Transition

The MasterClass Transition course is open to drivers who have taken the Driver61 MasterClass and want to accelerate the transition into their race car. The concept of the course is similar to the MasterClass course, with the additional benefit of your coach understanding your car and applying specific techniques to optimise your driving.

Recommended 2-3 times per year for experienced racers, more for new drivers. Learn more.


High-Performance Driving

Have you not been on track much, but want to find the limit of your high-performance car? Let’s give you the tools to confidently find the limit on track and improve your safety on the road. During this course, a Driver61 performance coach will help build fundamental track technique, determine any limiting issues and improve your general awareness for both road and circuit driving.

Recommended 1-2 times per year, or whenever you buy a new performance car. Learn more.