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Build the skills you need to win races, fast.

Drivers go through a common journey that is more predictable than most realise. After working with hundreds of drivers from all around the world, we’ve discovered the important issues that slow progression and how to resolve them in the most efficient way possible.

Here you can find our selection of unique tools to start or continue your development as a driver. Our courses are best used in combination (with the exception of the High-Performance course) in order to ensure a speedy and comprehensive learning progression.

Driver61 Training Programs

Pure Pace MasterClass


Find the limit on track, through every phase of every corner, whether fast or slow. Learn simple processes to find the last few tenths or seconds of lap time.


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Embed Absolute Control


Build foundational technique in the most efficient way to create a ‘natural’ feel with your car. Build confidence through predicting when a car will break away, rather than reacting to it.


Coming soon.

Progress Through Setup


Development doesn’t stop with the driver. Learn how to give quality feedback, get clarity on how each setup change feels and give yourself a roadmap to move forwards. 


Coming soon

Effective Track Time

Often drivers can end an important test day no faster than when they started it. Be as effective and efficient as possible with your valuable track time, through our Insights sessions design to give you a structured roadmap for your test and race weekends.

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