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The Fastest Way to Get Your Next Breakthrough

Motorsport Instruction from Professionals | 

A Step by Step Program to Elite Pace 

One-on-one, Group Training, Racecraft Training, Weekly Clinics, and more! Training available in iRacing and ACC

Sim Racing


Designed from the ground up to provide very simple access to coaching. Our Sim Racing Academy has a “pick and choose” credit system so that you can create your own training plan.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.

Your Needs, Your Plan

Choose the training program that fits your needs and budget. We offer one-on-one, group training, epic racecraft sessions, race engineer services, and more.

Elite Coaches

Trained by Scott Mansell, all of our coaches deeply understand motorsport technique and their respective Sims.


Easy to Try

Unsure if this is right for you. We have a low cost trial that allows you to speak with a coach and run through test sessions.

Fits Your Schedule

We run classes and events all weekend long. We 100% commit that you will find a regular session that works for you.

Progress to Alien

Our custom accredidation system will take you from beginner concepts to Alien pace. Focus your training and learn the right techniques.

1000s Trained

We have trained 1000s of sim and real world drivers. This is enabled us to build programs that focus on making the absolute best use of you time.


Previously worked closely with & with drivers from:

Simple & Incredibly Easy to Access Training

We’re running classes all weekend long. Simply see what’s available, check your schedule, and join the right classes for you. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule, even if you have to miss a month.

Take Your iRating to the Next Level in Your Class of Choice

We have tons of great training in iRacing for drivers of all levels. Choose to join our Racecraft class, Weekly VRS Series Practice, Setup Lessons, One on One Sessions and more. All designed to help you maximize your learning.

Find the Next Step in Your Pace in ACC

Choose the ACC training that is best for you. Want to learn about setups? Join our ACC Setup class. Want to practice defending and attacking, our Racecraft class will get you there. Simply focusing on pace, join a one on one session with our coaches. All ACC Drivers all get free access to Hotlaps, our professional data and telemetry tool as well!

Unlock Your Pace in F1 2021

We love the F1 Series. It’s a great starter sim for new racers and requires serious skill to get into the elite levels. Join the Academy and receive instruction from the best drivers in the world and quickly find your next-level pace.

A Structured Path to Alien Pace

Alot of drivers struggle with understand how they proceed to Alien Pace. When is the appropriate time to learn setups? What pace should they be targeting? Our Driver61 Accreditation Program will 100% walk you through the steps you need to achieve top pace.

How it Works

Step 1: Sign Up for a Consultation

Sign up for a no commitment trial and learn about our programs. You also will get on track with our coaches and find more pace.

Step 2: Monthly Credits

If you are interested, post trial, choose a subscription that meets your training objectives. Each subscrition provides credits per month that you can spend on classes. Those credits never expire (even if you cancel your subscription)

Step 3: Focus & Progress

While training, focus as well on your Driver61 accrediations as well. Pass our knowledge and time trials to continue your progress to the top levesl of motorsport. 

Our Student’s Results

At first, Terry was a mid-tier Sim Racer. After 8 months with Driver61, he started dominating his league.


Book Your Trial Live Training

Our Weekly Classeses


Group Training

(1 Hour)

Join 5 other students and a coach to work on your pace in your Car and Track of choice. In this class you receive feedback, run with it for 10 minutes, then get coached again!


One-on-One Training

(Length Flexible)

We’re proud to offer the most affordable yet high quality one-on-one training on the market. Deeply focus on technique with our instructors and gain pace efficiently.


Racecraft Class

(1.5 Hours)

You finally get that chance to overtake a driver but collide and ruin your race. Sound familiar? Our Racecraft classes offer fun ways to practice overtaking with students who are there to be clean and learn.


Setup Training

(1 Hour)

Join 3 other students on track and an instructor to help review and tailor your car’s setup just for you. Uncover technique flaws vs setup flaws and master your pace!


Small Group Training

(1 Hour)

Interested in a slightly more time with our instructors during a Group Training Session. In this class you join 3 other students in any car on any track to work on your pace.


iRacing High

Downforce Cars

A limited time special offer. We’re offering one-on-one training in iRacing Downforce Cars with Driver61 Instructor and expert Peter Zuba at a discounted rate.


Weekly iRacing Series Training

(2 Hours)

We provide you training details and areas of focus for your series that week. Join students to practice and get live coaching on the track.


Live Race Engineer

(Length Flexible)

Book on our Coaches to be your live Race Engineer. Learn how the pros race, get strategy support, and receive coaching while driving in your favorite series!


Preparation Race Engineer

Book a coach to help you prepare for a big race or perhaps your first race in a series. They will help you design your strategy, review your setup, and more tips to get your on the podium.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have plenty of questions and we're happy to answer them as best as possible. 

If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to write us at our support email

Credit Rollover.

Your credits rollover every month so you'll never lose credits not used.

Class Times.

Classes are scheduled mostly on weekends with a variety of times that fit international timezones.


All the coaches have been trained by our Head Coach Scott Mansell. For training, you can stick with one coach or try many and see how they mprove your technique.


We offer training in iRacing, ACC and F1 2020. All of our coaches know their sim and core techniques.


If you want to cancel you simply let us know. You keep all of your credits and can join classes until your credits are all used.


The trial includes a group training class, racecraft class and assessment with an instructor. If you are not interested in continuning that is 100% ok. 

What Clients Are Saying

"The program worked for me. I’m practicing for endurance race and my team mate is normally 1 sec faster than me all the time. I applied what I learned in the class and after 3 practice sessions I am .300 behind. The looking ahead and loading the car are what I think have really helped. " - John S

"Before the training I had done about 40 to 60 laps to get to know the training track and my best time was a 59:875. I didn't know what else to do and could not get the time down no matter what! After the training I did around 30 laps and managed to get my timing down to 59:405. Most importantly, I managed to do it very consistently.

My driving style has changed and I believe I will be soon able to lap in the 58's. I feel a lot more confident with my new driving style, more involved, more organic, and much more consistent" - Valter

"The program showed me how wrong I was with all of the things I thought I was doing right before. I've now been equipped with tools to self-diagnose when I'm having issues on track, and know what to do to fix my issues." - iRacer, 2200 iRating

I continue to be impressed with Scott as a coach. He's a great guy. A great communicator. A great motivator.

I completed my 2nd and 3rd training days with Scott. We booked a back-to-back session so we could do a deeper dive and refine what I had learned in our first session. Scott's teaching approach helps the student build the necessary skills and self-confidence to drive safely on the edge and recognize when the driver can get even more out of the car.

Scott constantly questioned me about how I negotiated a turn and then forced me to focus on what was happening in the car. What would I have to do to go faster? Where was the weight? Did the car understeer or oversteer? How smooth or abrupt were my control inputs and how did that impact the car's balance? I came away with a framework that helps me analyze my driving and use that analysis to seek more speed with confidence.

Jim A.

I’m Scott, founder of Driver61,
I create championship winning racing drivers.

Hi, I’m Scott Mansell (from the Driver’s University) and I’d like to introduce the Driver61 MasterClass, a practical driving course to make permanent improvements to your circuit driving.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 15 years – and thousands of hours – of my life racing and coaching at circuits around the world.

During this time, I’ve seen many drivers – even the experienced guys – get the fundamental techniques of driving completely wrong.

The unfortunate thing is they never get close to reaching their full potential and waste a lot of time and money along the way.

With this in mind, I’ve designed an intensive single-day driving course that quickly instils proper technique and creates lasting changes to make you faster, safer and more consistent.

Academy Packages

After your consultation, you can pick from the packages below to determine your credits per month.

** Note that our telemetry software works on games running on all platforms (PC, XBOX, Playstation, etc) but requires a Windows PC in the home to capture the data. You can view the data on any web browser on any platform (MAC, Windows, iPad, etc.), but an app needs to be installed on a Windows PC somewhere in the home to stream the data to the cloud.

Questions? Contact us at

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