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Master Front Wheel Drive Cars

The Most Efficient Way to Learn and Excel in All FWD Cars, in All Sims. 

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FWD MasterClass

The quickest way to Master FWD cars on track. Course includes:

  • Self Paced
  • Detailed Video Instruction
  • Custom Designed Exercises
  • Practice Analysis of Students
  • 24/7 Professional Support
  • Optional One on One Coaching

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.

Simple and Effective

Our entire focus is making complex concepts simple. By breaking down the core concepts into their simpliest form, this course effectively teaches you the end 2 end techniques for mastering the FWD class.

Structured Exercises

We have custom build exercises to help you not only learn, but practice and master the techniques in the course. We use on ovals, complex road tracks, skid pads, and more to fully embed FWD techniques.


Professional Support

We have professional support available to help 24/7. If you are ever having technical difficulities we are here to assist.

Learn by Instructing

Our Student Analysis Lectures allow you to take the role of an instructor. Dive into student videos and tell us what you see they did wrong. We’ll give you the right answer of course!

Get Past Setups

No setup will take you to the top level. You need to know how the car acts and why it was designed to act that way. Learn the core techiques of driving FWD so that you can maximize any setup.

For All Sims, Built on iRacing

The course leverages iRacing for training but the material applies to all Sims and FWD cars. iRacing provides us with an amazing amount of content for training at a minimal cost.


Previously worked closely with & with drivers from:

Simple to Understand, Professional Lessons

Quickly and easily learn the core concepts of driving FWD cars from first principles. These lessons will fundamentally teach you how to master this class.

Apply it, Master It

We have built out exercise to help you focus on one technique at a time. We’ll take you out on Ovals, bumpy roads, and skid pads to help you internalize and perfect each core technique.

Self Paced & Fully Certified

Take the course at your pace. After completing the course and final test, you’ll receive your Driver61 FWD certification demonstrating you capability in the FWD class.

Learn How to Analyze

Use our Student Analysis exercises to learn how to analyze critical mistakes in other drivers and ultimately fix your mistakes. This ability to self coach will apply cross classes and sims.

Choose Your Training Package

We’re excited to launch and share our FWD Course with you. Use the Discount Code  2021FWD for 15% off all packages. Full money-back guarantee applies.

** Note that this course uses the iRacing Simulator. To participate in the course and exercises, you will need a basic iRacing Subscription (typically $5-$10 USD) and the Audi RS 3 LMS. However, with those you will have access to a ton of amazing training content.

How it Works


Register for your course. Within 48 hours we’ll have you’ll receive an email from us with all the details to get started.


All of the instruction, exercises, etc, is delivered through quick, to the point videos. Take the course at your pace.


Start with the basics and build yourself up to Mastery of the FWD class. It starts with perfecting throttle technique and ends with the slight slide racing line.

Program Outline

Chapter 1: The Hidden Challenge of Throttle Control

On the throttle, FWD cars are the most misleading to drive. Why? Because drivers feel fast but are often actually very slow. On throttle, FWD cars feel like they are on the “limit” but often drivers are very far off it. 

Chapter 2: Braking and Corner Preparation

FWD cars are setup to throw weight to the front of the car and as a result almost all drivers struggle with losing the rear under braking. It’s very easy to do. Learn the tricks and physics behind rear wheel drive cars and how to make the light rear an advantage, not a weakness!

Chapter 3: The Right Racing Line

Having the Front Wheels lay down power not only impacts throttle and braking technique, but requires a complete shift in your racing line. A little known fact about FWD cars is how important it is to drive a line that mitigates the weaknesses of the car’s design.

Chapter 4: Bonus Content

Review professional hotlaps with our instructor and see how they leverage the techniques learned in the course.

Bonus - Vision Review

All great driving comes from amazing vision techniques. Included in the course is a bonus section from our MasterClass on proper vision technique.

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