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Sim Racing

Coaching & Training


Pure Pace



Our custom bulit 4 week program that will take your through all the core techniques that every beginner and advanced driver needs to know and master.


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Sim Racing Academy


Join a group of passionate racers for a group session in your sim and car of choice. Our eSports level instructors will provide you with specific insights to help you find the next tenths.


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One on One



Highly personalized training that focuses entirely on you. Note that one on one training can be more expensive and we recommend that you try the Academy before moving to One on One Training.

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Effective Track Time

Often drivers can end a day no faster than when they started it. Be as effective and efficient as possible with your valuable time, through our Insights sessions designed to give you a structured roadmap for improvement and training.

Get Started Now - Personalized Consultation & Training Package

The Consultation and Training Package include the following:

  •  A Personalized Consultation with Expert Instructor - A 25 minute call with an  instructor to review your goals and what programs and classes will help you get there.

  • A Group or One on One Class - Join the best class or classes that suits your objectives including setup classes, on track training, one on one training and more.

  • A Racecraft Class - Join up to 20 other students on track to practice attacking, defending, race starts and more. 

Package is a one time charge of $10.99 USD + applicable taxes.

Previously worked closely with & with drivers from:

Get to grips with driving technique,  with our free 25-part series.

The Driver’s University is a series of in-depth whiteboard tutorials studying the art of driving on circuit.

Each week, our professional driver coach Scott Mansell, takes us from the basics of circuit driving through to more advanced lessons about setup and data analysis.

Sim coaching to get you on the podium


Driver61’s unique sim training  and coaching programs will take you to the podium in the fastest possible time.

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