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Sim Racing Coaching

Excel with Driver61 Insights

A laser-focused 4 week program
combining sim coaching, our MasterClass, and telemetry analysis

A Custom Four Week Program to Find Your Pace

Driver61 Insights is a 4-week custom one-on-one sim coaching program that will level-up your pace and consistency on the track.

During the 4 weeks, you will receive one-on-one sim racing coaching with one of our instructors following a structured system including video analysis, equipment setup review, telemetry analysis and on track one-on-one sim coaching, plus access to the Sim Racing Fundamentals MasterClass.

Find pace with core technique: Discover any issues with sim driving technique and fix them with the help of our pro coaches.

Increase consistency: Techniques to improve pace over a race distance while comfortably staying on the track.

Equipment Review: Ensure your camera angle, force feedback settings, and pedal throw are setup appropriately.

Unearth a list of actionable takeaways to instantly improve your driving the next time you are on the track and continue learning.

Your sim, your car: Work on your sim and car of choice to find the pace you need to lead qualifying and win races.

MasterClass: Follow along with our online MasterClass to ensure you nail the fundamentals and your car.

Hi, I’m Scott, founder of Driver61.
We push drivers further.

I’ve been coaching in the real-world for 15 years, spending thousands of hours in the passenger seat (26,000 miles in 2019 alone) and many more analysing video and data to help drivers of all experiences improve their track driving.

I’ve now taken all my experience an developed a sim coaching program to allow sim racers to fulfil their driving potential and feel confident on track.

If you’re not ready for this program, check out our free Driver’s University series, where I explain the technical details of driving quickly on track. Alternatively, take a look at our sim racing fundamentals course, the Sim Racing MasterClass.

Discover insights to your driving.

Video Insights Package


Not quite ready for four weeks of training? Uncover your driving strengths and weaknesses and receive a bespoke video review and report to get started on your journey to faster lap times and consistency. 

More About Insights

Who is one-to-one sim coaching for?


Our sim racing coaching program is for anyone who wants to be a faster, more consistent and more confident racing driver.

After analysing your onboard footage, our instructors will adjust their coaching based on your level of experience, driving style and car.

Our goal is not to simply explain where the next apex or exit point is, but rather give you the tools to make these, and more complex decisions, yourself. We want to give you the knowledge to fully understand and practice techniques to get the most out of yourself and your car.

What’s included?

  • 3 hours of one-on-one sim coaching delivered over 4 x 45-minute of sessions from one of our high caliber instructors
  • Video analysis of your hot laps and consistency
  • Telemetry analysis of your laps
  • A self-assessment to help you and the Driver61 team understand your goals and requirements
  • Driver61 Action Plan after each coaching session so you can practice and improve
  • Equipment and Setup Review
  • Access to our 4 week Sim Fundamentals course.

How does a Sim Insights Program work?


  1. Enquire on this page to start the process
  2. Complete the Self Assessment to align on goals, expectations, and your current level
  3. Record and send us 3 laps in your sim and track of choice.
  4. Head on the virtual track for 45 minutes with our instructors and screen share (via Discord) your session to receive real-time feedback.
  5. Receive an Action Plan after each session that you can practice during the week.
  6. Complete 3 more 45-minute sessions that, depending on your needs and goals, include data analysis, one on one coaching, video analysis, etc.

Your 4-Weeks to Faster and More Consistent Lap Times

The concept of our one on one sim racing coaching is simple; pair you with one of our top level instructors and build a customer program to help you consistency find pace.

You’ll shortcut Scott’s 25 years of learning as we transfer his knowledge as efficiently as possible.

Over 4 weeks, you’ll receive 3 hours of live sim coaching including on track instruction, video analysis, self assessments, and more.

Live Instruction

With our program, you will receive four 45-minute sessions with one of my eSports level instructors. The instructor will walk you though everything from your equipement setup through to running live laps and feedback on the track.

Video Analysis

Our program starts with a video analysis of your pace and consistency. From that analysis, we tailor a program specifically to help you find your next step in lap times and consistency.

Equipement Review

It’s important for to understand whether you have optimized your camera (FOV), steering and force feedback settings, and pedals to have the best setup to be consistent.

Post Training Actions

Our goal is to enable you to train yourself.  After each session, you will leave with a simple set of actions to practice that week and ensure you are prepared for the next session. All of our techniques are focused on enabling you to find pace on your own in the future, without instruction time.

I've spent countless hours, many of it frustrated trying as hard as I could.

I've bought books, got help for everyone I could and even paid for help.

Since I've learned in detail how vision helps time driver inputs [via this course], I've placed 2nd in 6h ELMS Monza & 6h ELMS Sebring, won a solo victory in VLN, and am now competing above my iRating in LMP1.

- Alwin R.

Preparing for the Indy eSports Series and adapting to iRacing was an eye-opener for me. Because of the diferences with the real world, I was struggling with my consistency and how to find the last %2 in my lap times.

However, in just a week, by helping me with my equipment, games settings like FOV and by running laps with detailed telemetry analysis, I was on pace with the top drivers who had been playing iRacing for years! They were great and fun to work with, and made a huge improvement!.

Tony Kanaan, Indy Car Series Champion and Indy 500 winner

Before the training my best time was a 59:875. I didn't know what else to do and could not get the time down no matter what! After the training I did around 30 laps and managed to get my timing down to 59:405. Most importantly, I managed to do it very consistently.

My driving style has changed and I believe I will be soon able to lap in the 58's. I feel a lot more confident with my new driving style, more involved, more organic, and much more consistent.


- Valter S.

Previously worked closely with & with drivers from:

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