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Better Track Days

18th February 2022, Donington Park GP

Invite-only    |    Fewer Cars   |    Quality Track Time    |    Get Faster with Driver61


Join us for Driver61’s inaugural track day at Donington Park GP on the 18th February 2022.

Only 40 places available. 

Frustration-free driving

Our Donington Park track day is open to only 40 cars (compared to the industry norm of 80). This means that on average you’ll be sharing the track with just 19 other drivers. 

Get faster

We’re known for making drivers faster and our track days will be no different. We’re doing our track days differently to other organisers, with a focus on making you faster.

Quality track time

Our events are invite-only, meaning we select drivers and car combinations that work better together on track. Fluid traffic means much higher quality track time

Find the limit

Finding the limit and driving faster come hand-in-hand, but many drivers don’t feel comfortable on the edge. Learn how to strategically find the limit in a safe and predictable way.

Previously worked closely with & with drivers from:

Your Shortcut to Faster Driving

How to find the limit

90-minute online session with Scott Mansell

We commonly hear drivers asking about how to find the limit or what to do once they get there. In this session, Scott will teach you a systematic and low-risk approach to finding the limit. Learn where and how to find the limit at Donington and feel more confident in your car when on the edge.

Secrets to Donington seminar

90-minute online session with Scott Mansell

Want to understand how to tackle the flowing bends of Donington Park and feel comfortable pushing hard in the Craners? Join former lap record holder Scott Mansell for this online seminar, as he explains what it takes to win at Donny and shares a roadmap for faster lapping. 

Driver61 track-side consultancy

Driver61 coaches, here to help

We believe traditional coaching can be superficial. Brake later, accelerate sooner… However, it’s important for drivers to think deeply about their technique and make incremental gains each time they hit the track. Discuss your blockages with Driver61 coaches to ensure you’re faster each and every session.

I’m Scott, founder of Driver61, we make drivers faster on track.

Hi, I’m Scott Mansell and thanks for looking at our track day.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 15 years – and thousands of hours – of my life driving and coaching on track days around the world.

During this time, I’ve been on so many track days where the track is incredibly inefficient. Aside from being frustrating, the constant traffic and interruption really slows driver’s journey to faster driving. 

With this in mind, I’ve designed a track day, with a Driver61 twist. We aim to instil proper technique and create lasting changes to make you faster, safer and more consistent while truly enjoying your time on track. 

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