Wheel Tracking & Alignment Tools

Get your wheel alignment and steering geometry perfectly set up with our range of caster and camber gauges, Hubstands kits, turn plates, string lines and laser wheel alignment tools.

If you’re taking the right approach to set up, you’ll be focused on your wheel alignment (getting your car square!) at the start of every test day and race weekend.

Tyre temperature, handling, steering feel and ultimate grip are all variables under control by those with the right equipment with the right baseline setup – and we know these little differences can make a huge difference to the lap time set by your car.

Driver61 Recommends: Laser Wheel Alignment Tracking Gauge. Measure toe in / out at the high level of laser alignment accuracy you would expect at a really reasonable price.

laser wheel alignment tracking gauge


Take a look at our carefully chosen selection of Caster and Camber Gauges, Hubstands kits, Turn Plates, String Lines and Laser Wheel Alignment tools below.

chassis set up sheet download

Free downloadable PDF Chassis Setup Sheet

Take important extra notes on your caster, camber, damper settings and more with Driver61’s free downloadable Chassis Setup Sheet. Click the link or the image to download.

Manufacturer: B G Racing | Longacre | Hubstands | Motamec

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  • B-G Racing - Turn Plates - 2pc

    B-G Racing – Turn Plates – 2pc

    £659.99 ex VAT
  • Longacre Lightweight Aluminium Turn Plates

    Longacre Lightweight Aluminium Turn Plates

    £539.00 ex VAT
  • Alloy Wheel Steering Turntables Aluminium Turn Plates 2 Tonne Pair & Ramp By Motamec

    Motamec Alloy Wheel Steering Turntables Aluminium Turn Plates (Pair with Ramps)

    £187.50 ex VAT