Video Circuit Guides

Detailed video circuit guides for track and racing drivers. These tutorials take an in-depth look from an onboard camera, studying racing lines, braking points and area to take car in.
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The Definitive Track Guide to Portimao (Circuit Algarve)

The Portimao Circuit otherwise known as Algarve International Circuit is 4.7km and consists of 16 turns. In this in-depth Portimao…
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The Definitive Track Guide to Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

Welcome to Driver 61’s video circuit guide to Brands Hatch Indy. In this track guide Scott Mansell – our resident…
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The Definitive Track Guide to Oulton Park Circuit

In this Oulton Park circuit guide, Driver61’s pro-driver, Scott Mansell takes an in-depth look at this 2.7-mile technical and fast…
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Example Fast Laps

It’s often difficult to find good examples of fast laps on the net, so we decided to curate a list of quality videos for various series. Here you can be sure the onboard footage you're watching is from a quality driver, as they've been curated by us.

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Oulton Park International default thumbnail

Caterham - Oulton Park International

Ben Clucas showing us the racing lines around Oulton Park international in a Caterham Academy car. This lap was actually…
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Caterham - Donington

Caterham - Donington Park National

A fast lap around Donington National in a Caterham Academy car. Ben Clucas shows us the racing lines and that…
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Brands Indy – Radical SR3 – Scott Mansell default thumbnail

Radical Onboard Fast Laps - Brands Indy – Radical SR3 – Scott Mansell

Anotehr fast lap in a Radical SR3 rsx at Brands Indy on a sunny but cold day in March 2017.
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Track & Test Day Dates

A list of almost all the track and test days days in the UK. Filter through the dates based on date, circuit, organiser and noise restrictions.

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