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With trophi.ai as Your Dedicated AI Coach, You’ll Get Better Faster and Have More Fun, On and Off the Track
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Your Ultimate
Cockpit Companion

Meet Your Dedicated AI Coach


Imagine having the world’s best drivers by your side, giving you feedback and guidance as you drive, pointing out mistakes as you make them, and providing adjustments that make you faster and more consistent. They speak at your skill level and adapt to your learning style.

Now, imagine they’re available anytime you need help, and every time you play.

That’s trophi.ai, your ultimate cockpit companion.

Grind Smarter

Replace hours of driving and guessing with expert coaching that fast-tracks your advancement.

Learn Faster

Transform the way you learn by minimizing reliance on YouTube and maximizing your in-game experience.

Break Through Plateaus

Struggling to find critical lap time? Have an AI coach point out that one thing you’ve been overlooking that changes everything.

Crush Friends & Foes

Speed up the transition from laggard to leader by knowing exactly where you’re making costly mistakes.

Balance Gaming & LIfe

When life gets busy, stay in race-shape, on your schedule, with 24/7 access to coaching.

Get Coached on the Track

With Mansell AI as your voice coach, you’ll receive real-time guidance straight to your headset, helping you make quick adjustments on the track. As you complete a lap, Mansell AI is already at work, identifying key areas for improvement. Then, on your very next lap, you’ll hear Mansell’s voice guiding you, pointing out the precise mistakes from your previous lap and advising on adjustments.

Spot Mistakes Easily

What mistakes are costing you the most lap time? Our app will provide you with a prioritized list and improvement plan. trophi.ai makes it easy to understand what you need to work on, leading to quicker improvements and better driving.

Sim Racing Academy

Master Core Skills

Focus on what moves the needle with in game overlays that let you quickly identify and work on specific skills like peak brake pressure, throttle application, or trail brake quickness. With immediate feedback as you drive, you can focus your practice on areas that will most significantly impact your performance, ensuring your limited time is spent efficiently and effectively.

Limited Time, Unlimited Potential: Smart Training for Busy Racers


In the world of sim racing, time is everything—not just on the clock, but off it too. We understand that life’s a balancing act, which is why trophi.ai is designed to make your practice sessions as efficient as possible.

Get Better Faster
Personalized AI coaching adapts to your performance and progress, providing targeted advice and strategies, meaning you don’t have to waste time on generic training programs.

Focus on What Moves the Needle
trophi.ai is perfect for busy drivers. With immediate feedback as you drive, you can focus your practice on areas that will most significantly impact your performance, ensuring your limited time is spent efficiently.

Always Ready, Whenever You Are: 24/7 Access
The ability to practice and improve on your schedule is crucial. That’s where trophi.ai shines – offering 24/7 access to AI-driven coaching and insights whenever inspiration strikes or your schedule allows.

Step 1 Get The App

To get the app, click the Get Started – It’s Free button and create your account. Then download the app.

Step 2 Drive Laps

With the trophi.ai app installed and running on your PC, start driving in iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, or F123. It’s really that easy.

Step 3 Find Lap Time

Make adjustmest as you drive with real-time feedback delivered to your cockpit, or receive full, post-session breakdowns of your performance.

Your AI coach is waiting

The track is ready, your AI coach is waiting, and all that’s missing is you!

Go from outclassed and overwhelmed to overtaking your toughest opponents. With an AI coach by your side, you’ll overcome persistent personal roadblocks and establish a direct path to track dominance.

We can’t wait for you to try trophi.ai.

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