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Racing Driver Coaches & Instructors

Finding a quality driver coach for motorsport tuition can be difficult, so here you can find a list of coaches who work to the Driver61 methodology.

These racing instructors have been hand-picked and have worked together with Scott to train drivers as effectively as possible. All of our driver coaches have an excellent racing CV, but more importantly, can explain their knowledge efficiently and will help you become a faster, safer and more consistent driver.

As we’ve spoken about in many Driver’s University tutorials, a good driver coach and training programme can quickly help your progression on circuit.

Our driver coaches work differently to most. We want to give you the tools to safely find the limit and manipulate your technique to generate more grip once you’re there. With this in mind, our training programmes and coaches don’t just tell you what to do, rather run you through these process so you can repeat the same in your car on any circuit.

If you have any questions regarding our racing coaches, tuition or driver training programmes, please get in touch.

Scott Mansell

You may know our resident driver coach Scott Mansell from our Driver’s University tutorials – if not, take a look at them here.

Scott has a wealth of racing, development and coaching experience in a huge variety of cars from Caterhams to modern F1s. During his 15 years of coaching, Scott has learnt how to get the most from his students, ensuring they become complete racing drivers with competitive results.

Scott has expertise in setting up race cars to be fast and easy to drive, having developed many track day, prototype and single-seater cars to date. To read more about Scott, take a look at his website or follow him on Twitter.

In late 2018, Scott launched the Driver61 MasterClass course, which helps drivers to improve their technique as efficiently as possible. You can read more about it here.


Andrew Bentley

As well as being an experienced and quick racer competing in the European Le Mans Series in 2020, Andrew Bentley is a Grade ‘A’ ARDS race instructor.

An expert in circuit driving technique and vehicle dynamics, along with a calm and clear instructing style, Andrew will ensure you use your time on track as efficiently – finding your car’s limit quickly.

Andrew is a Driver61 trained coach, working with track drivers through our Champion’s Accelerator Programmes which helps drivers to improve their technique as efficiently as possible. You can read more about it here.


Joe Crook

Joe Crook raced in a host of single-seater and sportscar championships in his formative years and is now a full-time coach. Joe is a Grade ‘A’ ARDS race instructor who works within the Driver61 methodology.

Joe Crook has been chief instructor for Renault F1 team and is a development driver for Radical Sportscars. Joe has a calm and efficient coaching style that allows drivers to push themselves and think deeper, rather than merely reacting to live coaching.

Joe works with drivers through our Champion’s Accelerator Programmes which build a foundation of perfect technique, find the limit confidently and adapt style to find more speed. You can read more about it here.

Scott MansellFounder Driver61

Scott Mansell is a driver development coach and racer, who has competed in professional motorsport for over 25 years.

He's driven and competed in hundreds of race cars, including everything from Mazda MX-5s to 26 different F1 cars.

This year alone he will develop more than 100 drivers over 26,000 miles of coaching through his MasterClass training program.

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